Hamraa Al-Droaa” Festival for camels and traditional heritage


His Excellency “Najeeb bin Ali bin Ahmed Al Rawas”, Governor of Al-Dhahira, sponsored the opening of the ninth “Hamraa Al-Droaa” Festival for camels and traditional heritage.

The festival hosts 30 rounds of “Mozaina”, as well as 12 rounds of the “Fataim” race with the full support of the Omani Camel Racing Federation. The festival will also host the folkloric Ardha running marathon for two consecutive days. In addition, several events, evenings, yola competitions, and many Bedouin traditional artworks will be held during the days and nights of the festival.

Date & Time
Sunday December 10, 2023
Start - 8:00 AM (Asia/Muscat)
Saturday December 16, 2023
End - 7:00 AM (Asia/Muscat)

محافظة الظاهرة


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