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Al Dhahirah Governorate



We are delighted to welcome you to the digital website of Al-Dhahira Governorate. The website was designed to align with the digital transformation plan of the governorate and to promote strategic decentralization in accordance with Oman Vision 2040. This website is aimed at facilitating institutional work by providing basic services electronically through smart devices. Additionally, the website serves as a source of information on history, culture, tourism, economic and investment opportunities within the governorate. Visitors can also find information about the latest events and news of the governorate on this website. I am grateful for your interest in visiting the digital website of the governorate. The website aims to provide a spacious room for community participation. This will enable members to share their ideas, suggestions, innovations, and talents, which will be appreciated, followed up, and studied to enhance community partnerships in the governorate.

Our goal is to enhance joint communication, making it possible for the community to have a say in the development and facilitation of the services provided. We are committed to continuously updating and developing these services and information to suit your needs and to benefit our beloved country. 

  Al Dhahirah Governorate

Al-Dhahira Governorate is one of the richest in terms of agricultural, tourist, and historical potential among all the governorates in Oman. It has made significant and tangible progress during the years of the modern Omani Renaissance in all aspects of life.

The governorate is a semi-desert plain that descends from the southern slopes of the Western Hajar Mountains towards the Empty Quarter desert. It is separated from the interior of Oman by the "Al-Kor" Mountains in the east, and is connected to the Empty Quarter desert in the west, and the Central Governorate in the south.

Al-Dhahirah governorate includes three provinces: Ibri, Yanqul, and Dhank, with a population of about 240,529 people, of whom Omanis constitute about 173,327 people, reaching 72.1 percent of the total population of Al-Dhahirah governorate. The governorate has experienced significant development across all sectors during the prosperous era of His Majesty Sultan “Haitham bin Tariq”, may God protect him. This progress was made possible through his supreme directives that focused on supporting all governorates for their advancement and development, providing essential services to elevate prosperity, and aligning with the vision of "Oman 2040". This vision aims to develop communities and cities while making use of all possible opportunities in various sectors, including education and healthcare, and diversifying and sustaining the economy.